FirefoxOS - Sony Z3C and Dogfood updates

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Currently, the latest update of the "Foxfooding" program (see my post in French about these program here FirefoxOS - Le programme Foxfooding) is dated from end of November. Normally a new update will have arrive soon. I had contact with a developer and so these are some information.

As a reminder, the "dogfood" channel contains special builds related to Foxfooding program. Therefore, these builds undergo a verification QA (quality) before being released.
Rq : If you did not sign papers and receive a dogfood phone from Mozilla you will not be able to participate in this dog food program.

Initially the development team planned to cycle a week for QA validation. But in reality, it always takes a long time because there are always new bugs ... The time for the QA team to fix these bugs, it shifts the release of the update.

To overcome this delay worries, teams are planning to implement a new model soon, with separate branches for each build for sending update. This should speed things up.

So no Firefox OS smartphone is not dead (and not just dead at all). Evolutions and development continue indeed, a Mozilla team is in charge of verifying the quality. And we must see the delay between the update of builds as something that is very positive.

I will continue to follow it closely, trying to learn more about the content of the future update and then I will communicate it.

Update Links of corrected bugs are here (one remaining) 01/08/2016 Smoke Test Results - Full Flash Aries Master : 52/53 tests passed, 1 existing blocker