Firefox OS & IoT

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Many blog post ares showing disappointment and misunderstanding following the announcement that Mozilla is stoping the development of Firefox OS for smartphones. I will not respond, I have already do it via social networks, in a not objectively wat. I’m in an analysis of the following stage, I will write, if I have time a full post. In the current post, I would be a little more positive about the following via two interesting messages from Mozilla employees, found on the mailing list of Mozilla. The initial messages are in English, translation is avaiable in French here

“Michiel de Jong”
The mission of Connected Devices is "to deliver an uncompromising, User first, web centric experience via Connected Devices" (see
I would like to get a more precise idea of what we mean by this. What are the pain points? For example:
* Keeping your data under your control
* Security
* Web apps over native apps
* Interoperability
* Inclusivity/Localization
Maybe we can add a link to a wiki page about this?

This email raises many issues of the problems of the future to lequels we go with the connected objects. What about control of their personal data ?

David Flanagan <> wrote:
Here's my take on this important question:
Our mission is to "promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web". Neither IoT in general nor the connected home more specifically is today part of the open web. But if we move quickly and aggressively enough into this immature market, we may have the opportunity to shape the technology, plant our flag and claim the connected home as part of the open web. And if we can pull this off, then our mission and manifesto become very relevant.
I think this is the same thing we tried to do in the smartphone market, but this time we've picked an industry segment that is not already so mature that it is hard to break in to.

This mail mentions how it’s difficult to enter on an already saturated market. We need to Think different (sic).

To be continued...