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Meet Encryption ! Videos by Mozilla

D 14 mars 2016     H 09:00     A Genma     C 0 messages   Logo Tipee

In its work of advocacy for Privacy, Mozilla has started to do some short and very interresting videos. At the moment, there’s only 2 video
 Episode 1 Privacy Lets You Be You Privacy depends on encryption. Learn more about how it works, why it’s essential, and why it’s worth protecting.
 Episode 2 Meet Encryption Meet Encryption, and learn how she’s hard at work to keep you safe online
avialable on https://advocacy.mozilla.org/encrypt/
Upcoming episodes on encryption will come next weeks. Watch this next video in our series and please pass it on so more people know encryption is worth protecting.

As a Mozilian, we need your help to spread the word about how encryption protects our privacy. Share This Now ! Maybe the French Mozilian community can work on some French subtitle or a french version (a French voice over version) of this video