Vidéos du Chaos Communication Camp 2015

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Le Chaos Computer Club, souvent désigné par le sigle CCC, est une organisation de hackers Allemands. Il organise régulièrement des événements comme le Chaos Communication Congress, chaque année entre Noël et le jour de l’an, en Allemagne, près de Berlin. Tous les 4 ans, c’est le Chaos Communication Camp, en août. Ces deux événements ont pour but de fournir des informations sur des sujets comme la vie privée et la sécurité de l’information, d’un point de vue technique ou politique. Les conférences sont présentées le plus souvent en allemand ou en anglais.

Le Chaos Communication Camp 2015

Les vidéos sont disponibles sur la ccc-tv, l’espace qui regroupe toutes les vidéos des différents événements qu’organise le CCC

Il y a beaucoup de choses à voir, de quoi apprendre plein de choses, plus ou moins techniques, plus ou moins politique. Parmi toutes celles qui sont en ligne, voici ma sélection personnelle (celles que j’ai déjà vu ou prévu de voir). Je mets la description en anglais issu de site, je ne traduis pas, les vidéos étant elle même en anglais sans sous titre...

Understanding Open ProxiesProxies have been around for a while now, but remain poorly understood. I’ll share some data on how they are used, what they are used for, and who uses them. To understand open proxies, I’ve scanned the Internet to track their prevalence, and monitored public statistics interfaces to understand the machines hosting them. 220 TB of traffic flows through open proxies each day, making them one of the largest overlay networks in existence - especially since most operators appear to be running them unintentionally.

What’s the catch ? Funding open source with money from corporations and governments Increasingly, there is money available to fund free software projects ; however it often comes from large organizations, governments, and corporations, who all have their own goals and missions. The question becomes, if you decide to work with these groups, is it possible for your project to maintain a set of goals and ethics that are its own ? Members of the Open Technology Institute will draw on our experiences in partnering with large interested funders (US Government, Google), and facilitate an audience discussion of how this funding model can work, the challenges that can arise and the complicated ethics around it.

How to make your software build reproducibly - Get a verifiable path from source to binary Auditing source code is not enough when build tools are themselves a target. When software can be built reproducibly, anyone is enabled to verify that binaries have actually been made from the source code they claim to be made from. The lecture will present several tricks learned while trying to make Debian — the largest collection of free software — build reproducibly.

A Torifying Tale. Our experiences of building and running Tor servers In the spirit of “Failosophy” we would like to give a brief talk about the mistakes we made, and lessons we learned, in running Tor bridge, relay, and exit nodes.

for women in "$tech[@]" ; do Let’s talk, share and learn from each other. Discussion, that has become increasingly difficult to follow and fueled by false accusations or false. So let’s get together and try to understand what the underlying reasons are and what we can do to create a change. And most importantly ask ourselves : Why should we care ?