Launch Privacy Cafe too !

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Last June, I’ve done a speach at PassageEnSeine CryptoParty to Privacy Café in which I explained a lot of things, and encourage each to launch privacy cafe on his side. The idea of ​​this post is to revive this call and incite everyone to join us under one banner, the same logo and the same appellation. For more explaination, my slide’s speach were translated in English here : Genma_PrivacyCafe.pdf

The PrivacyCafe logo

Daoro, a member of the privacy cafe in Fribourg, Switzerland ( created a logo that was inspired Available in different formats (eps, jpg, pdf, png, svg, ai under CC0 (Creative Commons 0) license, it is freely reusable, modifiable...

The name Privacy Cafe

Why Privacy Cafe and not CryptoParty ? Again, see my presentation Genma_PrivacyCafe.pdf) ... This term is more generic and general, larger because :
 Privacy goes beyond the use of software ;
 We have to understand how the Internet works, the net neutrality ;
 The use of computers, networks, is only part of the problem ;
 Censorship leads to control of what we say, think, and this reduce our liberty ;
 We have to understand the issues around the world in which we are and to whom we will ...

So it can take lots of forms : talks, workshops or other, for various public, from beginners to experts ... The goal is to disseminate the most of our knowledge, to help everyone taking ownership of new digital technologies, understanding the issues around privacy ...

If you need support, tutorials or other, please contact me. More people in different countries launch Privacy Cafe, the better it is ;-)

Finally, feel free to post on social networks with #privacycafe tag making this name become popular. Thank you to you.