Get Smart On the Web by Mozilla

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Get Smart On the Web is a intiative of Mozilla. The SmartOn Series is like your Internet owner’s manual : the place to learn the most useful intel and tips from Mozilla policy peeps and programmers.

It’s a step by step course. You need to Ask yourself what you think, find out what you don’t know, take control of your experience. Then talk it out with your friends.

Actually there’s 3 themes :
 Tracking : what you do online is your business, and you can keep it that way
 Cybersecurity : Look both ways, stay updated and make sure your passwords are as buff as you are
 Government Surveillance : Decide when you think the line should be - and keep others from crossing it.

Each course is divided into 4 stages :
1. Ask
2. Know
3. Do
4. Chat

This is well explained, clearly and these are the kinds of course that I recommend to my friends and families to do them understand and acquire digital hygiene bases & rules.

Thank Mozilla for Get Smart On the Web