Help me to unleash my potential

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For more than ten years now, I am a senior consultant in a large software and computing services company. I’ve done different missions, programming in different languages and technology (Java / J2EE, C# /. Net). I’ve worked in French and English speaking environments. I’ve learned to use different methodologies such as AGIL method and other lifehacking methods like GTD (Getting things done).

As I said in a previous blog post How being self-educated disadvantage me ?, I’m self-educated. Each day, I’m doing a lot of technology survey, checking my RSS aggregator in which I’ve subscribed to various sites (general or specialist). I am following the mailing-list of many projects (Mozilla, Tor, Tails...). I’m interested in various technologies such as Docker, HTML5-CSS3-Javascript (and associated frameworks) and many other tech. I know a little of everything without being really specialized. All the knowledge I get, I synthesize and share it via texts I’m writing for my blog, or via talks I’m doing in different occasions.

For several years, I have been interested in freedom of speech and the fight against censorship. I give talks about the Tor network, I co-animate with other hacktivists Privacy Cafe, kind of modern cryptoparty where we do not just address the encryption software. We share knowledge about "digital hygiene" (what is a good password, understanding the importance of doing updates) to digital self-defense (advanced use of the Tor network, Tails ...). I’m able to popularize IT concepts, whether on general topics or related to privacy, censorship.

I’m volunteer in different Linux User Groups or Free Software Club. I’m participating to install party, Free Software and Open Source promotion in different events like Ubuntu Party where I give talks. I’m also a Mozilla contributor, doing some Evangelism and support.

I’m able to write technical documentation, hold meetings, coordinate a team around a project, give talks... My value is all my knowledge and experience I’ve got as professional (more than 10 years) but above all my personal activities.

For me IT and new technologies are tools to be for the needs of a business. Technology is not a goal, it’s a tool. I wish to contribute to your business by helping you develop the best solutions meeting your needs. I see myself as an interface between your employees, your clients, and your developers and other specialized technical teams.

Help me to unleash my potential

I am open to any opportunity that would allow me to evolve in my professional career, and that would allow me to practice a profession according to my values and principles. My Linkedin account is uptodate and aviable here Proposal are welcomed and will be studied. Contact me if you have some questions, want to talk to learn more about me.